Monday, November 11, 2013

Dismal November..

To Autumn

"Dismal November! me it soothes to view,
At parting day, the scanty foliage fall
From the wet fruit tree, or the grey stone wall,
Whose cold films glisten with unwholesome dew;
To watch the yellow mists from the dank earth
Enfold the neighboring copse; while on as they pass
The silent rain-drops bend the long rank grass
Which wraps some blossom's unmaturιd birth."
    ~Charles Lloyd~

All pics via Pinterest

Although for me November is anything but Dismal, the title is this one only to honour the poem..
For me November is smells, is images.. It is home and gathering. It is family, friends, chats and happy thoughts. It is the strength to change bad situations.
A small post just to remind you that I'm here.

Have a nice week!!