Monday, November 11, 2013

Dismal November..

To Autumn

"Dismal November! me it soothes to view,
At parting day, the scanty foliage fall
From the wet fruit tree, or the grey stone wall,
Whose cold films glisten with unwholesome dew;
To watch the yellow mists from the dank earth
Enfold the neighboring copse; while on as they pass
The silent rain-drops bend the long rank grass
Which wraps some blossom's unmaturιd birth."
    ~Charles Lloyd~

All pics via Pinterest

Although for me November is anything but Dismal, the title is this one only to honour the poem..
For me November is smells, is images.. It is home and gathering. It is family, friends, chats and happy thoughts. It is the strength to change bad situations.
A small post just to remind you that I'm here.

Have a nice week!!

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

NewsLetter #1..

Hello my friends!
I'm coming back with a brand new and very inspiring and informative blog post.
In the NewsLetter Posts I will be informing you about some of the most noteworthy newsletter I recieve!
Let me know if you like!

Barnes and Noble

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DKNY and Holidays.. The Elegant brand invites us to Get Ready for Holidays! #NotYourOrdinaryHoliday
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House and Garden

Sign up now for their exclusive bedroom design talk and breakfast with Nina Campbell at And So To Bed's flagship showroom at 591, King's Road, SW6, on November 19, 10.30-12.30pm.
(Tickets cost £25 and include tea, coffee and breakfast treats by Absolute Taste, a glass of Prosecco and a gift bag.) Visit here for more Information

Isn't their December Issue one of the best you have ever seen?!

Do you know KEEP? Visit here


Visit it to just get Inspired.. as Thanksgiving is approaching.

Have A Nice Wednesday!!

Monday, November 04, 2013

The one with Standards..

Another Week started. 
Monday, November 4th.
I slept the night before and also woke up in a positive mood, difficult a thing for a Monday morning.
I woke up thinking of how many times we all come across our minds, during our lives; changing for others, worrying about bad reviews or people opinions, worrying about never letting others down.. Uuuuf! 
And then I thought about Standards.. Standards are everywhere; from the way we wake-up, the way we say goodmorning, the way we chose to spend our days, the way we eat, the way we say "Hello", the way we smile, the way we make others feel about us and themselves. It's a way of life. 
So a great way to start a week is to read some quotes about standards and way of life in order to keep being yourself, in order to listen to yourself and only those who want to make you better, in order to just Live your Life.. Enjoy..

"Never Lower your Standards.."

"Never apologise for having high Standards. People who really want to be in your life, will rise up to meet them.."

"High standards are the Foundation of great achievements.."

"You teach people how to treat you, by what you allow, what you stop, what you reinforce.."

"If people change their behavior when you raise your standards, it's propably just because they didn't make the cut.."

"Love yourself enough to never lower your standards for anyone.."

"Do not judge others by your own standards. For everyone is making their way home, in the way they know best.."

Quotes and Pic via Pinterest